In re: pirating music?

The whole idea of stealing music is an interesting question of intellectual property. While the subject has been dealt with extensively, I thought I'd write briefly on it. The issue that I wanted to touch on the nature of digital music as non-depleatable resource. What this means is that whereas if I walk into a record store and stole an LP or a CD they would have lost inventory, which physically cost them. In the digital world this obviously doesn't happen, in the case of someone who would never buy an elton john cd, if for some reason someone pirated it they would not be losing a sale nor any inventory. This argument has been used to justify pirating, and I don't feel that we can justify pirating, but it does weaken the argument against it. Music companies were slow in adjusting to the idea of selling one track, I will buy a single track of something more likely than a whole cd that has only one track, but truly only pirating allowed a culture of mixing to develop to where it is today. Essentially I have no thesis on this issue only that pirating did lead to the development of iTunes and a successful business model for digital music. The record industry chose to fight for their old system where they had drawn (unjustifiably?) huge profits, and at least for the moment it seems a computer company is poised as the next major broker of music.


In re: podcasting

So I may be one of the last ones in on the whole realm of podcasting, but I have to say that now that I know what it is (and that it is mainstream and simple) that I really like it. While i haven't loaded any on my ipod yet, as i am away from the computer that i sync with, i have been listening to some from itunes here and I must say that its a great concept. Mostly i've been listening to professionally created material that has been ported into a podcast, but for ease of use and for timeshifting its phenomonal. David Pogue recently wrote in the NYTs about Apple's move of taking podcasting to the mainstream and why they did it, (he said they were selling razors and giving away razorblades, a reverse Gillete model I guess). In anycase, i think that it is true and some will switch over to itunes for the ease of use for this free material. I would also put a plug in for the pod cast of technology news from PRI/BBC production "The World". Which maintains a blog about that producion.
Another intriguing use is the renegade audio guides for musuems, which allow anyone to essentially use a different audio guide and hence potentially have a different experience then the one the musuem provides (possibly a lively one?) either way i think this greater distribution of information is providing another new outlet for information which in the end expands our offerings of media while traditional forms narrow (i.e. media consolidation).

In re: london bombers caught

So the big news over here in england was the arrest of the last of the bombers (from the second group, those that failed to detonate their bombs) one of the four was arrested in italy. It seems that while they let him leave the UK without checking his passport (although french passport control did check at the waterloo chunnel post) and were okay w/ him. Either way the way they were able to track him appears to be by the mobile phone he used throughout his travels, apparently using an account based phone (as opposed to a prepay) was essential to the apprehension of him.

A few questions then follow, while I applaud open media, why did they release this information? in the future this apparently will not be a tool (to look at prior history the first world trade centre bombing case listed satellite phone tracking, which led to al qaeda ceasing to use them as communications). Again i don't really have a problem with them releasing this info but i suspect that some will.
Second is then if account based cell phones allow better tracking, would it make sense to require registering any mobile in UK? I was surprised that i could get a sim card at a convenience store w/ no id, no registration, while in the UK you couldn't buy a TV w/out id and being set to pay the TV tax. No doubt the ease of sale has led mobile phone sales to grow as large as they have on this island, but if it has created a convient means of communication and potentially a means of detonation (i.e. madrid) then it might want to be questioned.
Of course privacy advocats who i often can agree with will not like the tracing of cell phones, tracking etc. so who knows where we will find ourselves, but we must not overeact into a patriot act like environment, which thankfully the summer recess of parliament has prevented, so there is still likely a chance for privacy to remain largely entacted here in the uk.

In re: In the matter of…

So this maybe a late addition to the world of blogging, but i thought i’d toss my two cents into the web log world, proposed topic? at least for now no general rules, but i assume it will be in the realm of int’l poltics and law, but as a law student you never know what that will mean, as I may end up ditching this after only a few postings. so with that, I say welcome and enjoy and lets go.