In re: pirating music?

The whole idea of stealing music is an interesting question of intellectual property. While the subject has been dealt with extensively, I thought I'd write briefly on it. The issue that I wanted to touch on the nature of digital music as non-depleatable resource. What this means is that whereas if I walk into a record store and stole an LP or a CD they would have lost inventory, which physically cost them. In the digital world this obviously doesn't happen, in the case of someone who would never buy an elton john cd, if for some reason someone pirated it they would not be losing a sale nor any inventory. This argument has been used to justify pirating, and I don't feel that we can justify pirating, but it does weaken the argument against it. Music companies were slow in adjusting to the idea of selling one track, I will buy a single track of something more likely than a whole cd that has only one track, but truly only pirating allowed a culture of mixing to develop to where it is today. Essentially I have no thesis on this issue only that pirating did lead to the development of iTunes and a successful business model for digital music. The record industry chose to fight for their old system where they had drawn (unjustifiably?) huge profits, and at least for the moment it seems a computer company is poised as the next major broker of music.


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