In re: podcasting

So I may be one of the last ones in on the whole realm of podcasting, but I have to say that now that I know what it is (and that it is mainstream and simple) that I really like it. While i haven't loaded any on my ipod yet, as i am away from the computer that i sync with, i have been listening to some from itunes here and I must say that its a great concept. Mostly i've been listening to professionally created material that has been ported into a podcast, but for ease of use and for timeshifting its phenomonal. David Pogue recently wrote in the NYTs about Apple's move of taking podcasting to the mainstream and why they did it, (he said they were selling razors and giving away razorblades, a reverse Gillete model I guess). In anycase, i think that it is true and some will switch over to itunes for the ease of use for this free material. I would also put a plug in for the pod cast of technology news from PRI/BBC production "The World". Which maintains a blog about that producion.
Another intriguing use is the renegade audio guides for musuems, which allow anyone to essentially use a different audio guide and hence potentially have a different experience then the one the musuem provides (possibly a lively one?) either way i think this greater distribution of information is providing another new outlet for information which in the end expands our offerings of media while traditional forms narrow (i.e. media consolidation).


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