In re: Constitutional convention

An article on Slate “Philadelphia 1787 vs. Baghdad 2005 – Bush’s lousy analogy” was interesting, its premise is that the comparisions that our administration has been making have been off the mark. The article points out with that saying they are similar would have been as if the French had stayed here and essentially setup our country and run our constitutional convention. Numerous differences exist however, while I agree with the premise that Iraq is not on this great point of democracy, because we have thrust it on it, we must also note that every new democracy can’t neccessarily be founded in the same manner as ours. One major difference was it is unlikely that Sadam could have been overthrown by Iraqis alone. He was in too much control and modern weapons and survellience technology allowed him to keep strict control of everywhere in his country (except in the kurdish controled area after 1991). So what am I saying, your now asking yourself? Well basically its the idea that we couldn’t get rid of the Brits without French military support (we didn’t have the navy for one), so while it is true Iraq is not in a similar postition to us, it doesn’t mean they aren’t in a situation which cannot yield a better government. Basically, while the war isn’t worth it for Americans, not worth it for many Iraqis, it still may yield a better government for some, some day.


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