In re: P2P Network of Bikes

Lyon, France has introduced a network of rental bikes that hopes to succeed where other bike programs such as the one have failed. The bikes are high tech in that you sign up and then use your credit card to rent them, you get 30 mins free so actually most get the ride for free. The bikes connect to the bike rack and check themselves for maintence. All this technology is of course expensive, but many cities are interested and I for one think its a great idea. Who knows when gas gets high enough even some American city that is progressive enough to shun fossil fuels might get around to putting forth a serious effort at alternative transportation. See story on wired
Also while on the that topic, I am very pro public transport, but I want good public transport. Living in Ohio I feel that a high speed rail from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati would be a welcome addition, and studies have shown it would be financially feasible. Why isn’t there one? Well the auto industry is a much more powerful group then train riders and envirnomental folks, so we can get a $250M bridge in Alaska, but not much else.


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