In re: Civic + Natural Gas = Good Idea

I also meant to mention a good article about the Honda Civic GX, which is a Civic that runs on natural gas. The gas is available at gas stations in CA, but you can also fill up overnight in your own home with an adaptor that uses the Natural Gas lines that run to your house. Why is this a good idea? Well for one the car is about the least polluting car you'll find on the road (including all the hybrids) in fact it is the only one that gets to go in the HOV solo in CA right now, not even the Prius gets that status. So why doesn't it catch on more? We have abundant natural gas that is produced right in the United States and the car is made right here in my home state at the Honda plant in Marysville, OH. I find it curious that these cars aren't getting the press run or the attention the hybrids are. Removing some of our reliance on middle east oil (or oil in general) is a good move from a security as well as environmental perspective. If our government (and i include the rest of us, as its for the people..) were truly concerned with distancing ourselves from the House of Saud we would be putting the money we spent on Iraq towards alternative fuel ideas, this is what would make us safer.


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