In re: BBC entering digital music foray

The BBC is planning on becoming the next iTunes by entering into partnerships with private companies to create a service dubed MyBBCPlayer. The BBC has already had dealings with digital music downloads, providing free downloads (which were online only for a limited time) of Nine of Beethoven's symphonies. 1.4 million users downloaded these recordings (myself included) this summer and now the potential for having listeners to its online radio be able to purchase the music they are hearing seems to have potential.
I feel more entrants into the digital music arena can only be good, for now iTunes place is secure, but the BBC stands in a unique position with already making one of the best news/media sites on the web, having all their radio streaming on the web and having Podcasts of many of their specials available. They also plan in their new player to offer their BBC 1 and BBC 2 TV in a simulcast version with their live TV broadcast. I for one am glad to see even a giant like the BBC moving into a new realm, one couldn't really seeing an American network embrassing new tech in a beneficial way (example Disney/ABC 's
See the story on Wired here. See story on BBC News here.


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