In re: Google mapping helping New Orleans

Earlier I had mentioned about web 2.0 while I was writing on Prof. Lee’s Blog about how by combining sources of information people have been creating a more useful appliation then either of the original sources on their own were.
A perfect example of this is Google’s encouragement of using its mapping program to overlay information on the hurricane. (See article) Well using googles mapping a website was created Jonathan Mendez and Greg Stoll and allows people to post updates on specific locations. The website is a wiki in that it is out there for anyone to add to and has attracted a lot of users as they can now gain information on how their neighborhoods are.
This mapping software in general I feel has proved extremely useful and I think its wonderful that individuals have taken it upon themselves to create such a useful device for people at this time, in general I think governments should co-opt this technology as it creates such a useful way of managing information.


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