In re: Kazaa violated copyrights in Australia

From the NYTimes an article on an Australian courts ruling that Sydney based Kazaa a peer to peer (p2p) file sharing network had violated copyrights, despite some legitimate uses. Kazaa had argued that it was the equivelent of a photocopier and that it was up to the users to determine usage. Kazaa has pledged to appeal, but until then the judge has ordered them to rework their software to conform with copyright laws, by filtering out songs that match copyrighted ones on a list that record companies will provide them. The court didn’t go as far as record companies would have liked, but also didn’t accept the boilerplate language in the user agreement of Kazaa warning not to share copyright as enough to prevent the digital theft. The NYTimes says the ruling is fairly consistant with the recent Supreme Court ruling.
I think an important aspect to note here is that the court in Australia did not overreact as could happen in these cases, by propsing a realistic solution the few Kazaa users who are using it legitimately can continue to do so, further it will likely lead Kazaa as other p2p networks are doing to start to engage the record companies.


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