In re: Law school

So i haven’t talked much about my experiences at law school on here, possibly since they don’t seem that interesting to me as I am the one living them out. Either way since I am still at school in my 3′ x 3′ study carrel I figured I’d take a break from working on my brief that is due tommorow at 8:30am and just pass on to anyone who is interested in law school that they can expect such fun times as my day today was. First I want to say that I really like law school, the people and the professors are one of the key reasons, it is fantastic to be around smart people and doing ‘high level’ work. In anycase days like this put pause in those types of romantic thoughts everynow and then as I’ve been at school now for about 16 hours and I will be back (assuming I leave) in less then 8. Law school parties might be no fun for others as law consumes your life and you don’t really know what else to talk about. Anyway I should be finishing up my brief now, so I’ll end this here, but don’t despair I do recommend law school. Especially since it allowed me to get student tickets to this Saturday’s Ohio State v. Texas football game, the first time (believe it or not) they have ever played.


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