In re: Shakespeare…in Kabul?

Under the Taliban’s rule plays were banned, so it proved to be quite a challenge to put on the first production of Shakespeare in Kabul. Only a few of the actor’s had ever been in a play before, but they quickly took to it. The first night they put out half the number of chairs then people who showed up (300 came) by the final night they had changed venue and were hosting 700 including an array of diplomats. They chose to perform Love’s Labor’s Lost, a comedy as they felt that Afghans didn’t need more tragedy and working with an scholar who had translated the play into Farsi previously they worked to making it more accessible for Afghans and putting it into their Dari language. So once again it has been proved that Shakespeare can go and pertain to just about anyone, hopefully this is a sign of the improving lot in Kabul. See article here. (the article varies a bit in some details from a bbc world report I heard on it)


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