In re: Rehnquist’s Drug Habit

An interesting article on slate about the late Chief Justice’s drug habit, an addiction for nine years to the sedative-hypnotic drug Placidyl. He had been get Rxs to the drug, but began taking way over the dosage. In any event the article which might ruffle a few feathers covers why no obituaries are including it or at least not mentioning it. Further why in general such a topic was glossed over so much. I personally feel that people make mistakes, that isn’t a new idea obviously, even great people make mistakes (i.e. our supposedly perfect founding fathers). My only point here is that Renquist and others in powerful positions should using their own shortcomings potentially not be encouraging huge sentences for non-violent drug users, as he himself was. Just as hypocrit Rush Limbaugh had loved to criticize and advocate harsh punishment for others when he himself was really in the same boat. Essentially all I advocat is that we recognize that we all have flaws and incorporate that into our sentencing guidelines and possibly our laws (gasp!) The idea that we are letting rapists out early in Indiana to make room for non-violent drug offenders is pretty unbelieveable to me. (Taken from the book by Reefer Madness, by Eric Schlosser, excerpt here)


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