In re: Weasel words

Slate has an interesting article called Weasel-Words Rip My Flesh! on a cover article in the NYTimes “Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood,”. In the Slate the Times article is ridiculed for its repetetive use of ‘many’ and no real evidence for a ‘trend’ piece. The article discusses a change in trend of female graduates who want to go into careers. The reason I thought it was interesting was partly because I myself use the word ‘very’ accidently in my writing and going back I find i need to search and replace it as it doesn’t add anything to the writing. Just as this author Jack Shafer notes that you could replace ‘many’ to ‘few’ and the article would essentially change its’ thesis. As a poor writer myself (if you haven’t noticed yet!), I found it quite interesting.


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