In re: Northeast

I am up in Boston right now for a long weekend, due to having a week off of law school for fall break, which couldn’t have come at a better time. Its been real nice being up here, having many good meals and seeing friends. I was reminded while being up here in the liberal stronghold of America that it is so interesting that states like Massachusetts continue to support ‘big government’ Democrats who siphon their money away and conservative states do the reverse. The reason this is surprising is that the Northeast doesn’t get back most of the money they put in and the states who are upset with this are actually reaping the benefits of the North subsidies. Of course this is a bit simplistic, especially now that one can’t clearly label the Republicans small government anymore (biggest deficit ever). See an interesting article on that subject here. See article in San Jose Mercury
A quote from Andrew Sullivan who supported Kerry in a New Republic article (he is a libertarian blogger)

I became a conservative because I saw in [England] what a terrible, incompetent, soul-destroying thing big government socialism is. It breaks my heart to see much of it now being implemented in America – by Republicans… I’m sick of [this president]. Sick of the naked politicization of everything (Karl Rove over-seeing reconstruction?); sick of the utter refusal to acknowledge that there is a limit to what the federal government can borrow from this and the next generation; sick of the hijacking of the conservative tradition for a vast increase in the power and size of government, with only a feigned attempt at making it more effective… I think Kerry would have made a pretty poor president. But Bush was already clearly on course for disaster (and had already made a basket case of Iraq)… When do we hold a formal wake for the end of conservatism?…. $873 BILLION: That’s what the annual federal deficit will be by 2015 on the current Bush course. Merely to balance the budget by then, we’d need a 37 percent tax hike. Or we can cut spending. We should cut spending. The test of today’s GOP will be over which path they take in the future. God knows, this president won’t make the hard calls. It’s up to the Congress. … I think we had… learned by last November that Bush never listens to criticism (except, perhaps, from his wife); that his re-election would confirm him in all the worst judgment calls of his presidency; that his administration was slowly killing off conservatism as we had known it; it was manifestly incompetent and immune to correction; and that the only responsible thing was therefore to back Kerry as the lesser of two evils.

I am gonna head out and walk around Boston a bit now, while I myself don’t feel that big government is the answer (at least to everything or most things) lets remind ourselves that the area of the country with the lowest divorce rates, highest educaiton and quality of life indicators is up here.


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