In re: Advertising

Ok, to set the record straight I should be working on my take home for International Mergers and acquisitions, but I figured I could use a break. Anyway, I’d been meaning to mention an ad in the paper this morning one of those full page, fake story looking ads, that have a byline from a fictional news organization (who are these for anyway?) So the ad was for uncut sheets of money, and setup this elaborate method of ordering. I loved how they told you to start calling at 10:00am and they made it seem so limited, in that you had 48 hours to call (nothing like the fake countdown timers on infomericals) they also had two number setup one for A-M and the other from N-Z (how clever!) So why do you want uncut money (besides that only presidents and bank officers could get it before?) they claim it is a great investment bring in 6400% return from those who had them from 1920. Hmm, well this sounded good to me, so I was about to call when I realized that maybe it was too good, was I being confused like so many of my fellow morning paper readers into thinking this was a good return. Well for one, it should be noted that actually over 85 years 6400% increase (I am sure they are trying to confuse you with an interest rate) as a 6400% increase over 85 years isn’t too great, you really should have hoped to do much better, were probably talking around 5% interest there (keeping up with inflation barely..), (stock market averaged 11% since then) and if you new any good 85 year cds back then you probably could have done better as well(just kidding). Secondly lets remember that not too many folks then were keeping these, now that you and all your buddies are ordering. Anyway, thought someone else might get a kick out of the stupidity (I had to relearn some math to do these simple calculations, so I guess I should be careful who I call stupid…) Oh and contrary the the ‘article’ which claimed these were hard to get Google seemed to have been able to round up some at the morgan mint. Yay!


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