In re: Bush’s Pockets

A lighthearted story out of Argentina, or really from an Argentine reporter in advance of Bush’s trip down there for the summit. The reporter asked Bush what he carried in his pockets, which turned out to only be a handkerchief. No keys, wallet, cell phones etc are needed of course when your surrounded by aides and drivers, he does wear a Timex watch with a W on it. see the story here

So in other news i’ve been following the indictments, the closed session of the senate yesterday, etc, but haven’t put my two cents into the ring. Basically I’ve read some folks who tried to compare Scooter’s lying to Clintons (of course there are parallels) and also to Fitzgerald’s conflict of interest (see a story on bussiness law prof blog here)I don’t really necessarily agree that he has a conflict of interest, in that as special prosecutor his job was only to indict if he found anything, lying to him was of course possibly upsetting, however this became part of the investigation, in that it could not be concluded (i.e. what was he lying about, why) I feel bringing in a new investigator for this round would potentially slow things down further as much of the investigation work would have to be rexamined. I don’t know if I explained myself very clearly, but essentially I disagree with the argument that the lying has made Fitzgearld personally involved, especially considering the praise of his work/style from both sides.

I will end by saying his baseball analogy, which was way too long to be useful, was a very odd choice of opening up with. Considering the respect and praise he had been recieving almost unanimously I had not expected something like that. Anyway, it will be interesting to see where this goes as it is now still open and Scooter has resigned, which would seem to cast shadows on everyone else.


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