In re: Art in LA

So, I meant to post this while I was out in LA but I ended up being busy and not getting around to it. I wanted to write about the odd experience I had in attending an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Musuem of Art (LACMA) The exhibit was on Cezanne & Pissaro and was a pretty amazing show, having so many of each together. The reason for going was that my aunt missed it when it was in NY so we hit it up in LA. Now I don’t really associate LA with art, despite its collection of good musuems, I associate LA with more contempory forms of expression then painting, but it was a really good exhibit which really showed how the artists diveraged significantly from one another, and really let you appreciate the differences during each of their evolutions.
The odd experience I refer to however is for me seeing these French impressionist pieces that I’ve had the fortune to see many of them in the Musee de Orsay in Paris, but over in LA which is practically on the otherside of the earth it was quite a different vibe, walking in from the Metro and just having finished my lunch of a Chevre Panni and looking out at the Seine versus having my uncle swerving through LA traffic and pulling into the LA parking lot. Worthwhile I’d say, but definatly not what I expected to be doing in LA.


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