In re: Most expensive pie

So forget that there are people starving around the world, there is a story out of England about the most expensive pie ever created (£1000 a slice, which at todays conversion rate is $1718). Don’t know how much better it is then your average pub pie you’d find but here are the ingredients and their price. Wonder if Chirac would change his opinion of british cusine now? Obviously its mostly a publicity stunt, but it is kinda funny.

The World’s Most Expensive Pie

2.5 Kilo Wagyu Fillet of Beef £553
1.5 Kilo matsutake mushrooms £2,250
2 bottles 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild £4,300
250 grams French Bleus mushrooms £13
100 grams winter black truffle £84
Four packets Gold Leaf £300
Shallots, flour, egg, fresh herbs £5
2 Bottles Louis Roederer Cristal Rose pink champagne £690

see the story here in Manchester Evening News


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