In re: Metronomes & Espresso Tamps

Somewhere there is a place where all lost items go to hangout and in my family all the lost items crowd around the metronome, that my dad had bought a long time ago and was lost and never found. Now the thing about the metronome is that you wouldn’t take it around the house and use it in other rooms, or the kitchen, or the basement, so logically you would only need to search in the living room, but after years of searching it was never found.

So recently my espresso tamp joined the metronome, (‘custom’ made by myself, by grinding down a tamp that was too large to fit my espresso machine, which uses a non standard size tamp for some reason), like the metronome the espresso tamp is something that isn’t changing rooms as I don’t usually make espresso outside of the kitchen, yet somehow this week when I went to make an espresso I couldn’t find it. So my roommate kindly joined a massive clean/search for the espresso tamp, to no avail. I didn’t want to believe that someone had stolen my espresso tamp, but it was nowhere.
Well last night, I found it much to my amazement, in my laundry hamper in the basement (actually, sadly it had been partially searched before as it was suggested someone might have thrown it down the laundry chute that is right near the espresso machine, but I only half heartedly searched the hamper, not imagining that someone really would) So thankfully I found it before going on the long task of ‘making’ another. Guess this afternoon before I head out for thanksgiving I should get a ‘first’ use of it.


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