In re: Paradise Now

So I thought I just jot down a few of my thoughts on the movie Paradise Now, which is about two suicide bombers from Nablus, a Palestinian city in the West Bank. The movie which I think has recieved some criticism for humanizing or humorizing sucide attacks, is a pretty good movie in showing aspects of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that some of us might not have been aware of. While the movie does humanize the bombers, in that we get to see them going through their day to day life, it doesn’t make us respect (or at least me) their choice, but it makes me pitty the situation, for both sides really (not to sound too cliche, well I guess that was)
One of the things I found most interesting was seeing the ‘day to day’ scenes in the West Bank, and then being shown scenes of Tel Aviv, which is depicted in stark contrast, in terms of wealth and beauty, compared to the dusty, poor and run down scenes on the other side of the check points and barbed wire fences.
I saw the movie at this new theatre they built right by our law school, which seems to show both mainstream and art(ish) movies. I think the idea is a real good one, as I think that with so many students nearby and with a student discount they could get a pretty good turnout, although when I was there it seemed pretty dead.


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  1. Big E,

    I saw the preview for Paradise Now, and I was pretty intrigued with it. I’ve been debating whether to see it or not. I haven’t seen it to this point because I generally like to watch a movie to get away from the real world. But clearly, the movie relates to current events, which flies in the face of my general reason for watching a movie.

    What appealed to me about the preview was the movie’s implied promise to humanize what is generally protrayed as inhuman: The suicide bomber. I know these people were at one point human, but no matter how much I think about it, I just can bring myself to sympathize with their plight. Maybe I’m being close-minded, but I prefer to think I’m simply being human.

    In either case, keep up the good work on the blog.

  2. OK, Big E, so this explains why I never see you in your library carrel. prof lee

  3. Ha! in my carrel right now

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