In re: Year end tid bits

So its been a bit since I’ve been able to put up a post, so i’ll appologize to few who have complained (and I stress few), but I have been extremely busy, with exams, take home exams and a trip to New York. So I’ll just briefly mention that I am now officially, half way done w/ law school, pretty unbelievable as it has been flying by. Aside from the occasional stress its been a really good time, some would say I am crazy for saying that, but I’d only say its from being around smart professors and students and studying interesting things. Anyway, enough about that, I am back in Cleveland for the holidays – hopefully it will be a nice time seeing friends and family, I’ll put up some posts, including the monthly book club book – Freakonomics. So stay tuned for that.


2 Responses

  1. I missed your posts Ed.

    How am I supposed to pass the time at work without a daily dose of your fantastic meanderings?

  2. big e, more posts, man!

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