In re: Starbucks wins in China

A big win for Starbucks in their lawsuit against a local competitor. Unlike Rolex and Oakley who lose out to producers of fake watches and glasses, it seems easier to go after a coffee shop (xingbake) that was sporting a logo that was similar to Starbucks and using a name that in Chinese amounts fairly closely to Starbucks.
The case concerned the copyright which Starbucks had and the use of the design and the Chinese name, which the store alleged didn’t violate the English version of the name. The court disagreed and awarded approximately USD $60,000 and an injunction to the name/logo. While this case seems fairly open and shut in a US court, such a win is never a sure thing in China, and with a market of 1 billion people to bring Starbucks culture to, it is clearly a big win.

(See story)


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