In re: Two sides to a street

About a block away from me there is what I view as an interesting anomaly, or at least an interesting juxtaposition. Facing each other are two restaurants, one is White Castle, one of Columbus, Ohio’s many sad claims to fame. White Castle for those who don’t know serves Slyders (the spelling they use, I would have guess Sliders?) Anyway, they are open 24 hours a day and serve the Slyders which are steamed relatives of a hamburger. Its not particularly good and I don’t know for sure, but I can’t imagine they use particularly high quality ingredients. So I view this as one end of the spectrum, then less then 30 feet away is Northstar (no website surprisingly that I can find, but heres a review) Essentially Northstar attempts to serve organic / local food, that is often but not exclusively vegetarian. Not a vegetarian myself, I found their veggie burger to particularly good, not sure exactly what was in it, but I think there are some beets as it has a purple shade. Anyhow, I think its quite interesting that these two are across the street from each other, and it seems to me that each time I’ve been in Northstar its been doing quite a good business. I am not sure how much profit they do, or how well White Castle is doing, but its pretty amazing to have them next to each other. While I’ll admit i’ve become a pretty big fan of Northstar, I will rebut the claims that I am a food snob as some folks accuse me of. Using local ingredients, something big chains consistently strive to avoid doing, is both a way to have better food (the only secret I think there is to cooking) and to support your own community. Anyway, that’s my little piece.


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  1. Do let him fool you, Ed IS a food snob.

    You should see how he recoils in horror when he determines a dish is below his standards.

    Ed, stop lying to your readers.


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