In re: Bowling

So after taking a semester off, I found myself back at the bowling alley last night, for the begining of the winter (i’ll say spring) semester law school bowling league. Curiously bowling is the most popular law school activity, so while I myself was never a big fan of bowling, I joined up as a 1L as an excuse to get out on a wednsday night, otherwise possibly spent in the library.
While I’ve since added other activites such as the Maroons, the law school hockey team, bowling has crepted back with our new team Son of Sandra. It seems like a good result with a win in our first night, something my team last year was rarely able to accomplish, not that it really hurt the whole appeal of bowling in the first place. I’ve thought about it a few times, and really the only thing I dislike about bowling is the bowling alley, not the actual game. There is just something about the carpet at bowling alleys, that I feel if they replaced it with something a bit less tacky and worked on venting the smell of old french fries, would make it much more appealing. Well I guess it is already appealing if there are 30 law school teams, meaning over 100 law students (and even a few profs) spend their wedsnday nights out on the lanes.
Oh and lastly a quick plug to those who haven’t read it to Robert Putnam’s book Bowling Alone, which pins a lot of the ‘downfall’ of this country on the lack of social capital (evidenced by diminishing bowling league membership) While I had to read this a few times in college, I always found his argument compelling, and it segwayed nicely into anti-urban sprawl arguments (the longer you commute the less time you can hang out at the elks lodge or with friends, but I really digress, and I should start looking over my tax reading).


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