In re: iPod ecosystem

Just thought I’d mention an interesting article in the Financial TImes the other day on the iPod ‘ecosystem’. Basically there a number of companies that either exist solely to make iPod accessories, or it has become a huge part of their business (Griffin and Belkin they discuss). While Apple makes a lot of money from licensing, they don’t give any heads up on technology changes to these firms, who must race upon the introduction of a new iPod to create compataible accessories. (For example Apple got rid of one connection they used for remotes, and then Griffin and others needed to race and make new accessories, in their case it only took 45 days)
Really I just find it interesting because for one, it really helps Apple to have this whole sub industry (makes their products more appealing, as even car manufactures starting with BMW have included iPod functionality in their cars) and also the idea of this technolgic symbiotic relationship is pretty interesting.


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