In re: Leftovers – food update

So I haven’t put up any cooking updates recently, so I thought I’d throw up a pic from a leftover night that features two previous dinners. Pictured are crab cakes that I made using crab claw meat (the low end of crab meat, but most folks think it’s a waste to use anything better) finely diced onions, red bell peppers, bread crumbs that i made from an old baguette, melted butter, an egg, some old bay, some sweet paprika, some salt/pepper, some dry mustard. That was basically it, I like to keep it pretty low on the bread crumb end and keep them pretty high in the crab meat dept, and i was pretty happy w/ them. The first night I served them w/ roasted asparagus, a pepper sauce i made w/ puréed chipotle peppers and olive oil, and roasted rosemary potatoes, they are served as leftover above w/ a yogurt sauce over summer greens.

The other dish pictured is a baked spaghetti I made, which was basically a simple pasta sauce that was made with caramelized onions, garlic, mushrooms, red peppers, whole seeded tomatoes that i diced, some sugar, some red wine (a cab sauvignon from Australia I was having) some red pepper flakes, dried oregano/basil and salt/pepper. Then tossed in a box of spaghetti, grated in some parmesan and some mozzarella, tossed it, topped w/ more cheese and threw in the broiler.

On a side note I started reading some of The French Laundry cookbook, and have really enjoyed seeing Thomas Keller’s recipes, I might mention my thoughts on some of what he does later on here.  Posted by Picasa


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