In re: Should there be free speech? Holocaust denial in Austria

I’ve mentioned before how I feel about the reaction to the cartoon reaction, and my general favor toward free speech in societies. On this subject is the conviction of British historian David Irving who was found guilty in Vienna for denying the Holocaust of European Jewry and was sentenced to three years in prison. The historian was arrested while in Austria for a speech he gave in 1989, denying the existence of gas chambers, something he has now come to change his mind on.
From my perspective I feel that education is really the best way to counter such ignorance and that making such statements illegal won’t really counter such speech, but possibly just fuel the fire. However, while my mind says that, having visited some of these camps in Europe and having studied the atrocities I don’t find too much sympathy for Irving, but is this really what liberal democracies should be making a crime? Just as England has been over debate over a law making incitement and glorification of terrorism a crime.
(See story here)


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