In re: Polish lunch

A while back I had bought at whole foods a package of fresh potato and cheese pierogi, one of my favorite dishes, a staple of polish peasant cooking. Generally the frozen and other prepared pierogi you find at stores don’t come close to the ones you can get from a bit more authentic sources (that often involve old polish ladies making them for a church) or at the west side market in cleveland . Anyway, these got pushed to the back of the freezer, but a boil in hot salted water and then a sautee in olive oil (didn’t have any butter around which is the traditional method, as poles don’t seem to use much olive oil) w/ onions, and topped w/ fresh ground pepper really gave these a nice flavor and texture (served w/ the ubiquitous sour cream). Anyway, I actually thought the olive oil leant a light flavor that was nice and different then the usual buttery taste. Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. where is whole foods located?

  2. on 161 just east of the intersection with sawmill – can’t miss it as it is enormous.

  3. Not a food snob, eh Edward?

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