In re: International Joint Ventures

So this week is a busy one as I am taking a one week long class on international joint ventures. This is the second one credit, one week long course I’ve signed up for (I mentioned last semester Int’l M&A) the classes are part of a series that OSU Law started this year called the distinguished practioner in residence (see the website for the courses and teachers). I think that this has been a great idea (dare I say one that I wouldn’t expect our school to offer?). The classes give an opportunity here from practioners, who aren’t law professors, which can bring a different perspective and also the subject matter, given that it is only one week, is very narrow and specific, which I enjoy. An additional perk is that these professors seem to bring along some interesting folks ontop of their own interesting stories. Today we had a French attorney come into class and helped teach us about French corporate entitites and their usage in international joint ventures. The only downside of taking the class is that I was at school today for a little over twelve hours, but I guess thats what you get for going into law. So lets hope that the series can continue.

While I should be getting to work on some reading tommorow, I turned on the TV (oops) and I came across a show on kitchen gadgets, which is unfortunatly keeping my attention, so hopefully I can turn it off and get reading my tax assignment for tommorow!


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