In re: Google Book

I thought it was interesting to see that some publishers are reporting increased sales of their back catalog books (the ones that no one buys basically, but partially because they are hard to find?) Anyway, its not that these increased sales from the Google search is justification for deciding if Google’s book search is legal (see earlier for some dicussions on that, or see their site for an explanation) but I think it might help quiet down a few of the critics and bring them into the voluntary camp (those who submit their books, get some of the ad revenue and of course get the income from the sale of the book). I won’t really talk to much now about the legal arguments of the Google search (where they are scanning in without permission full texts of copyrighted books) and allowing full text search, I will be getting back to the topic as I have settled on it for my research paper (after flipping from discussing the Tiffany Lawsuit against eBay). Anyway, I hope that Google is able to set the precedent for a wide view of fair use, as this type of full text searching would be pretty amazing. (see story)


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