In re: BA

Thought there was an interesting post about a professor’s business associations course (on the Business Law Prof Blog), but I actually just wanted to post a quote from the comments, because as someone who might be going into corporate / business law it seemed applicable

“In hindsight, what I was most underprepared for when I left law school were (1) transactional structuring (i.e., how deals are put together in the real world), (2) what actual deal documents look like and (3) how to facilitate the transaction for clients so that your legal services are viewed as “value added” rather than as “deal killers.”

I guess I’d say thankfully I’ve gotten a small taste of some of this from the two one week courses I’ve taken, but being such small stints, it was a really small look at these.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you Ed. I think it would be greatly beneficial for law students to have the opportunity to prepare or work on legal documents. At Moritz we need a practicum or clinical where we could construct contracts. Perhaps writing leases or forming local start-up businesses could be the focus.

  2. I agree with scott and ed, we need at moritz a class/practicum on constructing contracts, etc.!!!

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