In re: Double win

So I caught while at bowling (the last game of the year for us, too bad it was a loss) the end of the Cavaliers win over the Raptors on a last second 3-pointer by Damon Jones. I just noticed though that the Cleveland Indians also beat the Toronto Bluejays in preseason baseball. So of course no one cares, its preseason baseball, but for some reason I was pretty intrigued by the whole two sports same city pairs idea and started thinking it would be pretty cool (and obviously difficult to achieve) but to schedule days of one city vs. another city in all their sports and to have some way to declare one city the overall winner.

Before bowling I also took part in another sport, today was the first (okay I am not seriously calling bowling a sport) but anyway, today was the first night of hockey lessons after making it all 8 weeks through the ‘grueling’ intermediate lessons. Wow it was a change, tonight there were over 30 peoples out and the level was quite good (they are called D league lessons, the lowest level) but i was probably near the lower third in terms of skill, maybe the top of the lower third, but I clearly lost my star status that I held taking lessons with the six year olds (see earlier post if you don’t follow) Anyway, it was great, it was intense, at a pretty high level and it was like being back in high school lacrosse practice.


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