In re: Saints and Soliders

I don’t know how this movie made it to the top of my queue on Netflix, but probably based on my like of World War II movies, but I had never heard of this one. I think it has a great movie poster and it is shot well, so well in fact that I didn’t know it cost less then $1 million to make. However, despite the quality of the production the story and the acting was lacking I thought. This could have been due to the time I watched it (right after finishing Downfall) and not really being in the mood to get back into a war movie. The story is a bit cliche (although claims to be a true one) but the characters read like stereotypes, the plot is thin and the lines and the acting aren’t particularly good. This is a bit surprising as being a small independent film you would think it would be the reverse. This didn’t stop it from winning a decent number of awards from some film festivals.


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