In re: Bush’s approval sinks to new low

No surprise here really in the wake of the Katrina video, NSA wiretapping, and the Dubai ports disaster (which incidentally I believe he wasn’t that wrong on, from what I read the port operators role is probably one of our smaller security worries, there are about 100 other things more important in terms of cargo security that we should be worried about). Nonetheless apparently now nearly four of five Americans think that Iraq will spiral into civil war. So what does this mean for America? Well its was already clear that Bush wasn’t going to be able to push any more ideas through a Congress, so now it is a question of how far will Republicans seeking election go to distance themselves from the President, as they have shown they will in the Dubai deal. Its not that we will have a whole rash of them saying they were or are against the war, but true conservatives (small gov’t ones rather) can make their claim about spending and Bush’s spending craze.

Of course this whole situation would seem to leave 2008 prime for the democrats, but of course I suspect if they do end up in often it will not be because they can develop a cohesive package of ideas and goals, but rather just a vote for the ‘others’. As someone who often feels that neither party offers a viable option, makes me wish for a multi-party system from time to time…I digress.

(See article here)


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