In re: Roasted Red Pepper Soup

So over the last few weeks i've been working on recipes to serve at the dinner that was up for bidding at the PILF auction. So while the dinner likely won't be happening for a while, I thought I put up one of the dishes I settled on–roasted red pepper soup, served with white pepper cream and chive oil. The soup is fairly simple to make, roasted red peppers obviously, some shallots, onions, celery etc. are cooked (sweated, not carmalzied) then chicken stock is added, tomato paste, its pureed, strained, cream, salt pepper go in, and finaly it is topped with the white pepper cream which is whipped cream (lightly) with salt and white pepper and chive oil which is olive oil pureed with chives and strained. Its a extremely rich soup from the cream, so it is best served in a wide bowl in a small portion, garnished with a chive or two.


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  1. ymmm, looks yummy. how do i get invited?

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