In re: Vendetta

I had not heard of V for Vendetta until recently, but since first hearing about it, it seems to be coming up in multiple contexts, first as coming from the Matrix creators, second I heard it mentioned in my IP class for an actor leaving during filming and being replaced by Hugo Weaving, and most recently in today’s NY Times an article — “The Vendetta Behind ‘V’ for Vendetta” discussing Alan Moore, the British author of the graphic novel the book is based on. Mr. Moore has disassociated himself from the movie, and the comic company who owns the rights and the article is interesting.

While after all of this I still don’t know what to expect, whether it be a matrixesque movie that has both popular appeal, but underlying themes that one wouldn’t expect to find in mass market movies. In the case of V for Vendetta, Mr. Moore’s character is portrayed as both a freedom fighter and a terrorist. It is for this reason I am excited about the movie, in that I feel in our current world where we are dealing with terrorism around the globe, we need to be able to examine that not all terrorism might be as black and white as we like to think. While many don’t want to discuss it, we need to remember that the label of terrorist or freedom fighter is often one of perception. America’s revolutionaries fought using tactics that could have been labeled terrorism for the time, when battle was considered lining up and fighting, in what today would be considered a ridiculous ritual. One would wonder what they would have done if they had bombs and could bring havoc and fright to the streets of London.

So I think addressing the issue is important, which was one reason I thought Paradise Now (see earlier post) was an important movie, despite criticism for ‘humanizing terrorism’ which I felt it did not do. I still think that killing innocent people is unjustifiable, but it can be more complex then just that, in at least understanding motivations, religious indoctrinations and living life under oppression.


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