In re: Sony Playstation Patent Battle Continues…

So I’ll admit that I am often not at the fore front of the video gaming world, but I do know that for a long time they have had ‘force-feedback’ controllers, both on Playstation 2 and on Xbox. These type of controllers, which I believe are the standard versions, vibrate at certain points of a game, such as when you get hit with something. Seeing as these have been around for a while you wouldn’t expect the technology, which wouldn’t seem much different then that found in every cell phone today to be at the center of a patent suit. “Immersion Corp. is the holder of US patents 6,275,213 and 6,424,333, covering “haptic feedback,” i.e., the use of computer-controlled vibrating motors to provide tactile feedback to a user in a game or other application. Filed in 1995 but not approved until 2000, the patent affects both controllers and games.” Microsoft reached a settlement/licensing agreement with Immersion, but Sony had chosen to keep fighting.

In March last year, Sony was ordered to pay $90m in damages to Immersion and halt sales of PlayStation consoles in the United States. Sony had appealed, and the ban was stayed pending the appeal process.

Sony’s most recent attempt to find a way out has failed with the district court throwing out their appeal, however Sony has said they will continue … (see story here or here)


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