In re: French downloading law update

“On Tuesday French lawmakers voted 296 to 193 in support of a law that would stop Apple, plus any other firm selling music downloads, using proprietary software to limit what people can do with tracks they have bought.”
The law (see earlier post) still needs senate approval, but it has caused Apple to finally comment on the law, saying it would cause “state-sponsored piracy” and ruin the business model of online music sales which had been helping lead forward what Apple believed and many others as the answer to illegal downloading. Some have said that Apple would be forced to leave the French market if the law goes onto the books, however, Apple themselves pointed out that the law would likely lead to increased sales of iPods (where Apple makes their money anyway) so it is unclear how much they really would oppose it, although Apple does like to keep things propritary and the law does away with that for DRM. (see article Apple attacks plan to open iTunes)


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