In re: Guest workers. Why are we trying to be like the French?

On the Daily Show a while back (although I only saw the episode recently) Jon Stewart interviewed Fareed Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International. I thought it interesting that he brought up that the proposed program of guest workers to help stop illegal immigation seems a lot like the European or ‘French’ solution to immigration, and that it hasn’t worked so well for them he notes. Mr. Zakaria points out that immigration has worked very well in this country, immigrants work and become assimilated, where in Europe they do not (the one thing we want to do like the French he said). This may not be related to this entirely, but it is likely that someone who isn’t intent on citizenship as the ultimate goal, and who knows that they have a limited time here won’t invest as much in becoming involved in the US and its cultural stew. Mr. Zakaria, also pointed out that it was Regan who last granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and the effect it had the economy (it boomed?) Anyway, its interesting to think about, the interview is available online at the Daily Show website.


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  1. […] Today was the much hyped May 1 "Day without immigrants" where many supporters of immigrants and immigrant laborers took to rallies around the country.  I generally think of myself as pro-immigrant in many respects, that being we are a nation of immigrants, however I also feel that turning a blind eye to illegal immigration leads to problems just the same.  I mentioned earlier on here why would we want to take a guest worker program that has not worked well in Europe (see post here).  […]

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