In re: PILF Dinner

So you may remember me mentioning the PILF auction dinner a long time ago, well it finally happened last weekend and it seemed to go well (I don’t think anyone got sick that is…) I had listed a few of the ideas I was tossing around for the dinner on here a while back, so I thought I’d keep the few of you who care up to date with the menu. A note on the menu though, it was kinda in my mind an ‘around the world tour’ with various cusines popping up, however it wasn’t very representative of regions or anything, also I was kinda thinking of Thomas Keller’s ‘Donuts and Coffee’ with the naming of some of the courses, in his way of using really simple names to give his food a kind of simpleness and also a kind of pun. So with all of that in mind, here is the menu from last friday…


Roasted Red Pepper and Root Vegetable Soup
(French, Continental)


Spring Salad with Chevre and Strawberries


Gnocchi with tomato confit, basil, fresh mozzarella et beure monte


“Meat & Potatoes”

Grilled New York Strip Steak with Irish whiskey, portabella and shallot cream sauce with farm house mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.

“Chicken & Slaw”

Grilled Boneless Jerk Chicken, Asian Slaw, Fried Plaintains
(Jamaica, Asia)


“Banana Split”

Vanilla ice cream, bananas brulee, maple bourbon walnuts, raspberries and a bourbon caramel sauce.


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