In re: New site for In re:? Maybe… actually your looking at it.

So I haven’t been writing too much on here this weekend, and I’d love to say that its because I’ve been hard at work on my seminar paper, but that would only be partially true, as its been slow going on that. I’ve also been spending sometime experimenting with a new blog hosting site called wordpress. I’ve imported this site over and was experimenting with it over there. Not sure yet if I’ll be switching this blog over there, but I’ll let all my legion of reader(s) know. Why would I do this? Well despite some of the advantages of blogger (where this is hosted now) there are some downsides, such as no categories, which at first wasn’t a problem, but some folks make good use of them allowing people to read only the things they are interested. I’ve also come to think that the categories are pretty useful. Some folks have come up with some work arounds to give categories to blogger, but it doesn’t have the clean operation of native categories. The downsides of wordpress are there, they don’t allow a number of customizations, and its unclear how reliable the site is (one of the perks of blogger is it has google’s resources keeping it going) its not clear how wordpress keeps going. So for now I might give it a mini run and see how it goes, feel free to check it out over here (your already here)

Oh and if your interested in the category workarounds for blogger see:

O'Reilly's categories in blogger here
a lot of the solutions are messy, such as making multiple blogs depending on topic…not my cup of tea

One of the more elegant solutions, but not available yet labelr.


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  1. […] So the folks at are constantly adding new features and tweaking the old.  When I decided to switch over here you may recall that categories were one of the reasons I cited.  Also it was exciting I thought to be on something new and growing, getting into the band before they broke it big (okay pretty weak / lame comparison).  Well I have been glad I have, because like SageTV (The PVR/Tivo-esq) software I use, the folks running it are very open with their communication and very open to suggestions and give and take with their users.  This has meant a growing list of features and newest was the ability to easily switch on to a custom domain name, without having to do really anything.  So I forked over $15 clams to see how it worked and it was really simple, gotta give them credit for taking care of all the registration so you don’t have to bother going to godaddy or some other registration site and making all the old pages forward onto the new ones (plus you can switch back with a click). […]

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