In re: Mounted police back in Cleveland

The Cleveland mounted police force, which was put in hibernation (the horses were kept stabled and paid for by a private trust to save the force) during cost cutting rounds by former mayor Jane Campbell. Apparently the mounted police force is coming back. Why does this matter? Well some would say it doesn't, others of us are excited. "The Cleveland Mounted Police are the second-oldest mounted police unit in the Country, with roots that go all the way back to the nineteenth century Cleveland Cavalry" and if your not into preserving history, theres also the practical matter that mounted police serve in a way that foot patrols or police in cars cannot, as they can move slowly down a sidewalk and observe from up high, not to mention the visibility that they provide. Lastly, people like me (and others) like them for the beauty and placing our police officers in situations that allow people to come forward (people like horses) and interact, reduces the distance between officers and civilians and this is a good thing.

And for a great story from 1904 in the Cleveland News read "Big Kentucky Thoroughbred Is Cleverest, Fastest, Gentlest Animal in the Department Stables" (pdf file)


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