In re: Recent diversion Foyle’s War

Trying to be busy doing work here, but I thought I'd mention since I don't think I have before that I've been really into the British television series Foyle's War.  The show consists of movie length episodes that I think were shown on PBS here a few years ago, I've been watching them on Netflix following seeing it listed under recommendations on the site.  The show follows Detective Foyle, who works in the south of England during WWII.  I am not sure exactly why I like it, but part of it is the interesting juxtaposition of the murders, which in a conventional detective show might seem important, to the war making an individual murder seem relatively unimportant.  Another way it plays in is that constantly Foyle is butting into choices of arresting people and possibly hampering the war effort or going outside the law possibly for the greater good.  Generally he seems content to follow the law, but in one episode he allows a fishermans son to help with the rescue efforts at Dunkirk.  The show clearly doesn't have the large budget that you might think one would need for a show set, but it is well done and looks good.  Not sure if I'd recommend it to many of my friends as the pacing might be a bit slow and it could be said to lack action, but for someone who likes England and time period it is pretty good.


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