In re: Is it as simple as that?

"You should send all of the 13 million aliens home, then you take all of the welfare recipients who are taking a free check and make them do those jobs," said Jack Culberson, a retired Army colonel who attended the Pensacola rally. "It's as simple as that."  (from Immigrants Walk Off the Job in Boycott AP) 

Today was the much hyped May 1 "Day without immigrants" where many supporters of immigrants and immigrant laborers took to rallies around the country.  I generally think of myself as pro-immigrant in many respects, that being we are a nation of immigrants, however I also feel that turning a blind eye to illegal immigration leads to problems just the same.  I mentioned earlier on here why would we want to take a guest worker program that has not worked well in Europe (see post here). 

So if guest workers doesn't work, and building a wall doesn't (well I don't think it is, walls not only send the wrong message, they are impractical and won't work, and will be a waste of money in my opinion) what is the answer, some have argued that the status quo isn't so bad (the same debate over immigration occurred in the 80s before the boom in the economy).  What would happen if we did Mr. Culberson's (above) advice and sent everyone who wasn't here legally back?  Well besides the initial shock, would the welfare Americans he mention move to California and Florida and become migrant farm laborers?  And would they become construction workers in Arizona?  How would the wage increase that would be needed to get them out there effect the country?  Would we need to start importing more of our food from MEXICO to keep costs down?  There have been many economists who have wrapped themselves around the issue and they can't seem to agree so I am sure I won't be able to crack the puzzle either, but it is important to think about the effects that some of these proposed programs would have and remember that immigrants work very hard for this country and the dream that they will be citizens and possibly to a large extent this work helps us remain competitive with our services and other products we export.

"Overstated importance?"  "While illegal immigrants play a crucial role in the economy, their importance is sometimes overstated. Foreign workers account for less than 5 percent of the nation’s labor force. They are concentrated by industry and geography in ways that would cushion the larger economy should they removed from it. While their labor affects the prices consumers pay for some goods, it is but one component." (From Economics of immigration could defy laws AP)


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