In re: Law School tabbing

So its exam time here at Moritz, in fact I have my Civ Pro II exam in about an 1:30, so I am here in the library doing some last minute studying.  My last minute preparation involves taking my outline which I have made and tend not to use during the final and putting tabs on it, tabs being these little post-it note tabs that stick out to delineate different sections.  This all seems reasonable to the observer, lots of law students do this.  The reason I do it however is a little different, I do it mainly for reasons, one is intimidation, it puts other students on notice that I am a tabber, someone who is well organized and clearly well prepared and secondly because I can possibly trick myself into thinking I am a tabber and that I am well prepared and organized.  I can't say I use the tabs or that the whole game really works out to helping me or my grades in anyway, but its a little routine I like to do and may be my Dumbo's feather.


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