In re: Argentina Overview

So in anticipation of writing a few posts on my recent trip to South America, I thought I'd give a brief intro. Argentina, is a country of immigrants, which many people here do not seem to realize. Just as in the US, settlement in Argentina led to the killing of almost all of the indigenious people. Again, similar to the US many cultures have come together to create the 'Argentine' culture, and many different foods ares staples, including spanish and italian influences and of course the beef.

Surprisingly, at least to me, Argentine food is generally not highly spiced. Dinners with our family consisted of pasta, pizza, empenadas, fried beef, and of course the parilla of grilled beef, lamb and chorizo. These grilled meats however are not served highly seasoned or sauced the way some may be used to in the US, also I had been led to believe thatChimichurri sauce would be on everytable , a la, ketchup in the US. I found this not to be the case, but everyplace would serve their version (and it turns out there are many more versions than the one I had been making, which feature lots of parsley) — For those who are in the dark, Chimichurri sauce, or at least the one I make, is parsely , olive oil, vinegar, garlic, hot peppers, salt, pepper, paprika and is an amazing sauce to serve with basically anything, or to dip bread in.

Unlike the US (all the comparisons were bound to stop) Argentina has not had stable governance since their Independence in the early 1800s, through a series of democratic and dictatorships Argentina has suffered, including 30,000 'disappeared' who remain unaccounted for from the last dictatorship, which fell shortly after the Falklands war. The current government that followed and was elected didn't mean smooth sailing, as economic crisis hit in the 1990s, including the unpegging of the peso to the dollar, which would leave many Argentines with the loss of their savings. Despite all this the city today appears to be booming in some areas, including the new development area for the very wealth in Puerto Madero.


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