In re: Front Porch Chimichurri

I just finished sweeping up and cleaning the front porch and sitting here now, enjoying the wonders of WIFI, I thought I mention my first cooking I did when I got back to Columbus the other day.  I hadn't gone to the store, so I was limited in my ingredients, but when I had a call from my roommate who was at Giant Eagle, the supermarket nearby I asked them to pick up a whole chicken, which I hoped to grill.  For some reason I had the urge to grill it the way I saw in Portugal, where they butterfly the whole chicken, but left it intact.  This isn't the best way to cook a chicken on the grill as different pieces cook differently, but something about placing the whole chicken on the grill was in my mind.  Once on the grill, only with grey salt, pepper and olive oil I set about making some Chimichurri-esq sauce, the sauce I love so much from Argentina.  From the front porch I cut from my potted herbs, cilantro, basil, oregano, thyme and maybe something else.  This wasn't going to be following any recipe for the sauce I had, but basically making use of what I had.  I place the herbs, which I first loosely chopped in my little Cuisineart prep chopper with some cloves of garlic, some salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and a decent amount of the green Tabasco (jalapeño).  Generally chimichurri uses red wine vinegar, but I had none and instead used half white balsamic and half rice wine vinegar and then a decent amount of olive oil.  I let it whirl, adjusted the seasoning a bit and was amazed at my creation.  Something just tasted right, be it the concoction, or be it that it came from my front porch, but the sauce just worked, over my chicken, asparagus which is in season now locally and the best, with a good baguette.  So while Chimichurri wasn't on every table the way we do with ketchup, as I had been led to believe, down in Argentina, I intend to keep it around mine as often as I can.  


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