In re: IM Hockey Collapse

While we have a Moritz Hockey team that played together, this quarter we only had four of us sign on, leaving the Maroons, our adopted B league team open for undergrads to fill up.  Despite all of this it was a fun season, culminating last night in the Championship game (I was actually surprised to hear we were still playing as being away from school, you forget that the rest of the University is still going)  So bring on the Championship and the elusive tshirt it brings with it. 

I got to the rink 15 minutes early to get my skates sharpened, having found them in my Sunday night game almost unskateable.  Slowly our team trickled in, but we were short a lot of people, in fact 8 short, leaving us with 2 defensive lines and 2 attack lines.  Undeterred by the numbers of our opponent we proceeded to play a great game, taking a 2-0 lead right up to the end.  All of this changed with about 1:30 left in the 3rd period when we let in a goal, from a poaching attackman for the other team.  Later, with an extra attacker, with their goalie pulled, the other team sucked the wind out of us by tying it up with less then a minute in the game.  We turned on the attack and drew a penalty which we were able to carry over to overtime, but we were unable to capitalize, so with only 30 seconds left in the five minute overtime, they scored the game winner.  While it was a sad loss, it was a great game one of the most fun I've played in for a while, possibly due to the huge amount of ice time we all logged, or because we had to communicate better and try and keep our shifts short and play more strategically.  While I can't say I am a huge fan of hanging out with freshman and hearing about their lives as it only serves to make us in lawschool feel that much older, there is something also fun about seeing what it is like to be a freshman at a Big10 school.  So a champions tshirt will have to wait until next year… 


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