In re: Intern Blogging

The NYTimes has a story "Interns? No Bloggers Need Apply" – that goes over a number of cases where interns, including one at Comedy Central, made blogs about their work, leading companies to either change polices about such publications, or create guidelines in the first place. The problem is that people are increasingly airing dirty laundry about their work environments online, in less then subtle fashions (including a Washington staff member and a fashion worker, both of whom have turned their 'tell-all' blogs into book deals). Clearly these businesses have a lot at stake here and need to be careful about their employees, who can at the push of a button put up for millions not just trade secrets, but the office gossip which can be almost equally damaging. As a blogger myself I don't really feel to much sympathy for the crackdown, as it is quite obvious to me that it just isn't a smart thing to be discussing such things if your intending to stay with your job and to get one in the future (the Anonymous Lawyer Blog has led to a Harvard Law student being unhireable as a lawyer–even though its a fictional blog–however he has landed a book deal to write a book based on the 'character', personally I don't think the character is that great and question how it would work in a novel length piece, not to mention the possibly limited market for such a work)


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