In re: Is Dale Chihuly any good?

Interesting article in the NY Times the other day, discussing a lawsuit against former partners of Dale Chihuly the glass artist, for copyright infringement. Dale Chihuly is known for his massive glass works and installations, including the ceiling of the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. The article points out the lawsuit is likely to bring out a lot more about how Chihuly Inc. the massive art creation company he runs works, with Chihuly personally having done no glass blowing in over 20 years due to a surfing injury. Dale Chihuly's art may not be the personal, soulfull works that some expect or desire art to be, but today I popped into the Columbus art musum to see their exhibit on American impressionism again as today was the last day, I stopped by however to look at a piece of Chihuly's that was sitting in their atrium and I'll admit that I am always intrigued by the pieces, no matter if it is for noveau-riche or 'true' art people, whoever they are, they are interesting to look at, although they do lack in my opinion the emotion that some art brings, but decorative arts, are in their own right worthy of high status. Ending with a quote from the article, which makes me think that it is a bit sad that a lawsuit was succumbed too…

"If the first guy who painted Madonna and Child had tried to copyright it…half of the Louvre would be empty."

See the NY Times article "Glass Artists Face Off",

Also see an article in Slate "Heart of Glass" – "No one argues anymore over whether Gates is really a techie…and no one cares whether Chihuly blows glass…Like Seattle's software, bookselling, and coffee tycoons, Chihuly has triumphed by marketing and branding the hell out of his product."


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